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We are so confident in the performance of the VO4 voltage optimisation system that we guarantee a minimum of 10% savings on annual electricity consumption, from the installation of all single phase, 60 amp systems.

If,12 months after installation of a single phase 60 amp VO4 system you do not achieve a saving of 10% on your electricity consumption we will refund you £100 of the unit price.

The refund offer is available to customers 12 months after the unit installation date and is valid on first year savings only, it cannot be claimed for subsequent walletyears savings. The refund will be provided to customers who contact VO4 with proof of their savings through electricity bills both prior to and during the 12 months which the VO4 voltage optimistion system has been installed.

For more information on the savings guarantee please contact us or submit an online enquiry.



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