VO and Solar

SolarVO4 offers a range of domestic and small commercial voltage optimisation systems in single phase and 3 phase variations.

VO4 should not be viewed as an alternative to other relevant energy saving solutions as all VO4 systems can be easily combined with many other green technologies to maximise benefits, one such technology is Solar PV.


Combining VO and solar

The installation of a VO4 system alongside solar PV can counteract one of the main disadvantages of solar PV installation; namely the need for the solar inverter to step up the voltage to above the existing mains voltage, to enable the electricity generated to be fed into the grid. The higher voltage places electrical appliances at greater risk of failure and can negate the revenues generated from the feed-in tariffs.

Installing a VO4 voltage optimisation system to compliment solar PV installations can reap considerable financial rewards. Energy supplied by the PV system is used first and, as the VO unit controls the amount of electricity imported from the grid, bills are reduced.

VO and solar working together

Many properties fitted with solar PV panels have found that the addition of a VO4 voltage optimisation unit to the system is an invaluable addition, the key advantages include;

  • A reduction in the overall energy use of the property
  • As systems use the solar PV generated electricity first, this results in a reduced bill for imported electricity
  • Reduced voltage to the inverter, reduces heat build up in the inverter
  • Increased lifespan of the inverter
  • Reduced wear and tear on appliances, resulting in longer service life; especially when using the power from the PV array which is higher than the mains voltage
  • Reduced cut-out frequency
  • Simple retrofit process for solar PV systems
  • Reduced build up heat and consequent loss
  • Reduced overall electricity use

An example of a VO4 installation alongside solar PV and other green technologies can be seen in the Lavender Lodge Case Study, a site in which VO4 is working in conjunction with a solar panel array, two large thermal panels, heat recovery systems and a ground source heat pump.

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