VO4 in the retail sector

slider-3Savings are in store for forward-thinking retailers looking to reduce their energy consumption and electricity bills through VO4 voltage optimisation systems in retail stores.

Voltage optimisation is proven to be a secure and reliable method for retailers to economise while continuing to offer the best service possible to customers.


VO4 – Top of the shopping list

Social and environmentally aware retailers will welcome the huge contribution to carbon reductions that VO4 voltage optimisation can contribute to the retail sector. This was one of the attractions for the Co-operative, which has a stated aim of reducing its gross greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2020 through the installation of voltage optimisation systems in retail stores in their portfolio.

Rob Scoulding of the Co-operative group, commented:

“We’re very aware of the importance of climate change and are committed to embracing energy efficiency as part of our efforts to reduce our overall impact”, he explains. “We had seen very useful reduction in our electricity use at the large supermarkets in our group through the adoption of voltage optimisation and, when we became aware of the VO4 offering for smaller sites it became clear that, with the huge numbers of smaller stores in our portfolio a device such as this could make a great contribution towards our targets”.

Immediate savings

VO4 systems can be quickly and simply installed in a matter of hours by any qualified electrician with no disruption to the store operation. They deliver immediate savings, giving a return on investment in three years or less – a finding that has been has been independently trialed and verified by leading energy supplier RWE npower.

Once fitted the system operates on all circuits, 24 hours a day. It has no moving parts, requires no maintenance and comes with a five-year warranty. It is a fit and forget system, requiring no change in business or customer activity and provides no negative impact on the customer shopping experience.

VO4’s technology is making a tried and trusted energy saving solution available to more businesses than ever before and the retail sector is well placed to take advantage of this three for one offer: energy savings, longer-lasting equipment, carbon footprint reduction – all from one unit.


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