VO4 in the Office Sector

Voltage optimisation for officeMost offices will need to power a significant amount of electrical equipment, which coupled with the rising prices of electricity, can put a large dent in profits.

It is possible for businesses to take steps to reduce electricity consumption through VO4 voltage optimisation for office and business use, which provides immediate and significant savings.


VO4 – Powering profitability

Large commercial and business premises have been correcting over-voltage issues through voltage optimisation for a number of years, with great success.
The technology has also been adapted for residential and domestic use in the form of smaller, single phase solutions. However, many SME’s may have found that their electricity usage was too small to benefit from the commercial systems and too large for the smaller domestic voltage optimisers to be feasible.

VO4 offers a three phase voltage optimisation system designed specifically to address the needs of businesses lying in between these two extremes, offering the award winning technology widely utilised in larger commercial installations and adapting this for use in smaller business premises and offices.

Optimised Energy

The VO4 voltage optimisation system for SME’s achieves substantial energy and carbon savings by providing the optimum voltage for all loads at any given time, without affecting the businesses’s operating capacity or output. The simple reduction and optimisation of voltage deliversĀ savings of around 10%-12% in electricity consumption. Another benefit for business offices is a reduction in transients and spikes in the electrical supply, which are becoming more of an issue as switching within local and wider reaching distribution networks becomes more common and renewable energy sources are taken on and off grid.

Businesses that have turned to solar panels, can also benefit from the installation of a VO4 system as VO4 integrated with solar PV works as a complimentary system, maximising the benefits of the solar installation.

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