VO4 in the Hospitality Sector

Voltage Optimisation in catering & hospitalityBusinesses in the the catering and hospitality industry are recognising the immediate and permanent benefits of VO4 voltage optimisation systems to help battle against spiraling energy costs.

A recent report on energy efficiency from the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) and Space Catering identified voltage optimisation as a way for businesses in the industry to take back control of energy costs.

VO4 not only lowers electricity bills but also reduces electricity consumption, cuts carbon emissions and increases the lifespan of critical onsite electrical equipment.


VO4 – Catering for the hospitality industry

Implementing VO4 voltage optimisation in catering and hospitality businesses provides significant savings potential. Commonly used kitchen equipment for example are ideal loads for making savings through voltage optimisation. Range ovens, warewashers and storage freezers are all notoriously demanding when it comes to electricity usage.

In To Lunch, a catering company specialising in catering for office functions, working lunches, conferences and training days saw electricity usage fall from 120 units a day to 107 units a day following the installation of a VO4 system – a reduction in usage of 11%. Nick Curran, owner of In To Lunch commented:

“In a small business such as ours, being able to control costs is crucial. Energy prices are rising at a rate that is far higher than we can pass on to our clients, so it was great to be able to reduce the impact through a simple reduction in our overall electricity demand.”


Proven and reliable modern technology

Voltage optimisation is a term given to the systematic controlled reduction in the voltages received by an energy customer to reduce energy use, power demand and reactive power demand. Modern voltage optimisation systems such as VO4 are not only quick and simple to install but they have the added benefit of improving power quality, as well, resulting in a lower risk of equipment failure, which can be a concern due to power surges.

Voltage optimisation is a proven and reliable technology, widely used by larger hospitality and leisure sites, but VO4 technology is now placing this technology firmly within the reach of smaller hospitality and catering businesses.


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