VO4 in the Healthcare Sector

Voltage Optimisation in HealthcareHigh energy consumption is an inevitable overhead of a healthcare facility, be it a GP surgery, medical center or care home. Many healthcare facilities have implemented energy management schemes as a continuous method of assessing, evaluating and improving a building’s energy usage.
But even with the best energy management scheme in place there would still be a proportion of energy consumption it would be unable to address.

This is where VO4 voltage optimisation for healthcare facilities proves to be a viable and effective solution.


VO4 – Delivering healthy savings

With limited budgets and an abundance of healthcare policies to adhere to it is important that energy saving technologies adopted by healthcare facilities are not only reliable, proven and cost effective but allow the facility to make savings that can be re-invested into patient care and services.

VO4 is one such technology, a voltage optimisation system which works to eradicate the imbalance between the supply and demand of electricity in a building.

The simple reduction and optimisation of voltage delivers average savings of 10%-12% on electricity consumption and has no detrimental affect on the patient care and services offered by the healthcare facility. On the contrary, facilities will find the lifespan and maintenance costs of critical equipment and appliances will be extended as they are no longer subjected to over voltage and are also protected from power surges.

Award winning technology

Voltage optimisation has been widely adopted by NHS hospitals, acute medical centers, pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment manufacturers whom typically operate on larger sites and therefore utilise larger commercial voltage optimisation systems. Smaller healthcare facilities may have found their electricity consumption levels too small for these larger units to be a viable option. VO4 home adapts award winning technology used in the larger commercial voltage optimisation systems and engineers a three phase voltage optimisation system specifically for smaller healthcare sites. This opens up the benefits of this technology to care homes, GP surgeries, dentists, veterinarians and other smaller healthcare premises.

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