VO4 in residential properties

With over 27% of allVoltage optimisation in residential properties carbon dioxide emissions in the UK coming from family homes, residential properties offer some of the largest and most cost effective opportunities for energy efficiency.

Whilst there are a number of practical and effective energy saving measures for homeowners, landlords and even home builders and developers to employ, many often involve complex and costly technologies.

VO4 voltage optimisation systems are a proven, reliable and cost effective way to deliver immediate and significant savings in electricity consumption and costs for residential properties.


VO4 – The key to sustainable homes

It is no longer a question of whether it would be beneficial for homes to adopt environmentally friendly energy saving solutions but rather a question of which solution will offer the greatest benefit. Whether the main consideration is financial, environmental or practical, voltage optimisation ticks all the boxes.

Apart from improving domestic energy efficiency and reducing electricity bills, installing a VO4 voltage optimisation system boasts a number of additional benefits. It protects electrical household appliances, extending their operating life; it reduces maintenance requirements and increases household appliance efficiency; it offers protection from electrical surges and it reduces the frequency with which appliances need to be replaced.

By making energy costs manageable, voltage optimisation technology can help improve the quality of life for millions of people – fuel poverty currently affects around 5 million UK households. VO4 systems also compliment many other green solutions and integrating VO4 with a solar PV installation for example maximises the benefits of the solar installation.


Guaranteed Savings

Through installation of a VO4 voltage optimisation system householders benefit from average annual savings of £150, and savings of around 330-500lbs on CO2 emissions per year. Typically, residential properties will install a VO4 single phase voltage optimisation system, a 60 Amp unit, which is easy to install, requires no change to lifestyle or electricity provider and delivers immediate savings.

All installations of VO4 single phase units are covered by a 10% savings guarantee, promising a minimum 10% reduction in savings of electricity consumption in the first year after installation.

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