“Voltage Optimisation is one of the key new business opportunities for electrical contractors. The range, types and size of buildings that can benefit from the savings voltage optimisation can deliver, makes it a great opportunity for our members.”

Senior Marketing and Events Engineer Tony Cable, NICEIC


“VO4 is the best product on the market, it comes with a five year warranty and a guarantee of saving(for the 60 amp unit), and is from one of the biggest suppliers of commercial voltage optimisation, There is no need for bypasses or split load boards etc.”



“I think the VO4 unit is great, I didn’t notice any change in power outage, my appliances ran as usual, I was wondering whether I would see a change, then, when I received my electricity statement I was so surprised and pleased to see such a big dip in my usage. Thank you very much.”

ANDREA MANVILLE, Domestic Customer


“Due to the location of the bunkhouse we used to suffer from regular voltage surges, which resulted in recurring equipment failure, particularly water pumps. By installing the VO4 unit, power quality has improved and we have seen a marked reduction not only in electricity consumption, but also in the failure of electrical components. In fact, we haven’t lost a water pump since we installed the system.”

ANDREW FRYER, Three Phase Customer


“I have now had my unit since May 11, some 6 months, and it does what it says on the tin! – It has reduced my electric bills by around 10%.I have been most impressed with the service  I have received from VO4 –  No hard sales pressure tactics but simply factual information on which to base decisions and then delivering.”

Domestic Customer


“In winter we have the electric air source heating on moderate heat for 24 hours a day, together with running a fridge, freezer and all my other appliances our monthly bills have been reduced on average by 20%, this has made a big difference as I am a pensioner and every pound counts. The unit has been trouble free and is totally silent, I am not aware it is even there.”

Stroud District Housing, Domestic Customer


‘The Co-operative is very aware of the importance of Climate Change and is committed to embracing energy efficiency as a part of our efforts to reduce our overall impact. We had seen very useful reductions in our electricity use at the large supermarkets in our group through the adoption of Voltage Optimisation and when we became aware of the small VO4 offering it became clear that, with the huge numbers of smaller stores in our portfolio a device such as this could make a great contribution towards our targets.’

The Co-operative Group, Three Phase Customer


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