Single Phase System

Single phase unitThe domestic voltage optimisation system from VO4, is a single phase unit, designed for use in residential properties. It utilises award winning technology, widely implemented in large commercial installations and adopts this for domestic use where it has been proven to produce immediate and significant reductions in energy consumption.

The 60 Amp single phase unit is easily fitted by electrical installers as it simply requires 2 wires in and 2 wires out to make it fully operational. A process that takes around one hour to install.

Another attractive feature of the VO4 domestic voltage optimisation system is that unlike smart meters, it does not require a complete change in behaviour, and unlike solar and wind power it is not focused on renewable energy production, but rather reducing energy consumption.




Installing a domestic voltage optimisation system will improve the energy efficiency of the home by reducing electricity consumption, which in turn will lower emissions and wear on common household appliances. VO4 will:

  • Save on annual electricity bills through optimising the incoming voltage
  • Reduce wear on household appliances caused by electrical over supply and power surges
  • Provide financial savings on average of £150 per year for a typical family home* and reduce carbon emissions by 400g of CO2
  • Offer a fit and forget product that requires no rewiring of the home and works with the current electricity provider
  • 5 year warranty provided


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Guaranteed Savings

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VO4 guarantees a minimum 10% savings on annual electricity consumption with all single phase systems.

If, 12 months after installation you do not achieve a saving of 10% on your electricity consumption we will refund you £100 of the unit price.

The refund offer is available to customers 12 months after the unit installation date and is valid on first year savings only, it cannot be claimed for subsequent years savings.

The refund will be available to customers who contact VO4 with proof of their savings through electricity bills both prior to and during the 12 months which the VO4 domestic voltage optimisation system has been installed.

Terms and conditions apply, please contact us for full information


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