VO4 Voltage Optimisation Product Range

  • voltage optimisation products from VO4VO4 are British designed voltage optimisation products
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Extends lifespan of electrical equipment
  • Has no moving parts
  • 5 year warranty


VO4 single phase systems

Voltage optimisation is an important technology for use in the home, as across the UK and Europe, most household appliances are rated at 220V. The average voltage supplied by the National Grid in the UK is 242V so in most cases you are being supplied with a higher voltage than needed.

The single phase 60 Amp VO4 voltage optimisation system is designed for use in residential properties and business facilities that are not on a three phase supply. Easily fitted, 2 wires in and 2 wires out, the single phase voltage optimisation system will bring your voltage in line with the power needed by your appliances to run effectively and efficiently.

VO4 guarantees a minimum of 10% savings on annual electricity consumption on domestic single phase installations.

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VO4 three phase systems

The VO4 three phase systems utilise renowned award winning technology used on larger scale commercial applications to reduce voltage for smaller commercial sites.

Suitable for businesses using up to 300,000kWh per year, the three phase voltage optimisation system allows users to achieve substantial energy, carbon and financial savings.

An average commercial site can expect to reduce energy consumption by 12%-15% through the installation of a VO4 three phase system.

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Who can benefit

Voltage optimisation systems optimise the electricity supply coming into a building to reduce the incoming voltage to match the voltage needed by the equipment on site. This reduces electricity consumption, extends the lifetime of electrical equipment and saves money on your energy spend.

Domestic electricity users and commercial electricity users of up to 300,000kWh will benefit from using VO4 single phase and three phase voltage optimisation solutions to reduce their electricity consumption.

Companies that will benefit from voltage optimisation include retail outletssmall hotels and catering companies, office facilities, GP surgeries and veterinary practices.

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