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EnergyMyWay-logoEnergyMyWay regularly installs VO4HOME units for customers that have high electricity bills and who are also using other forms of renewable energy to reduce their costs.  The units are straightforward to install either in combination with Solar PV or Wind generation, or without; they can provide fantastic savings where their use has been correctly applied.




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Chrome Technologies Limited

Chrome technologies“As a supplier and installer of technology solutions for home & business covering security, communications and electrical we had used another brand of voltage Optimisation but realised it was very limited in its design and potential uses, as well as the complexity of the installation, even customers commented about the process.

On discovering the VO4HOME unit we were extremely happy and have been satisfied with the product and just as importantly the aftersales support from the company.

We have incorporated the units into both domestic and commercial installations with both showing considerable savings, In the North East we see an average voltage of 242 to 246 and our clients are seeing savings of between 12 to 17% minimum.

Our first domestic installation was for a Sustainability Manager of a local authority and his initial comment was about the reduced heat output from around his fridge/freezer due to the motor not running as hot, but more importantly the fridge not running as often, making a considerable energy saving. As well as the actual energy saving, one of the main comments we get is that clients lightbulbs last a lot longer, one client used to replace at least one GU10 spotlight bulb every 7 to 10 days, when after fitting the VO4HOME voltage Optimisation unit they have only replaced 3 in seven months.

On the commercial sector we have them protecting sensitive IT equipment, clients have had issues with Telephone / CCTV / IT systems “locking up” through over-voltage as well as the wastage of energy.¬† The units are simple to fit, maintenance free and pay for themselves in no time at all.



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